Ricky Gervais

NBC’s “77th Annual Golden Globe Awards” – Show

Why Ricky Gervais’s jokes—and the reaction to them—were predictable

Jamie Weinman: The British comedian mostly played it safe in his monologue at the 2020 Golden Globes. Plus, ’Cancel Culture’ has already peaked.
British comedy’s secret weapon

Steve Coogan: British comedy’s secret weapon

He inspired Ricky Gervais, now he’s waiting for his close-up
69th Annual Golden Globe Awards

Is Ricky turning into the Globes’ Billy Crystal?

While Gervais coated his barbs with a spoonful of sugar, Seth Rogen and even George Clooney trumped him on the outrage front
Ricky Gervais

Oh, Ricky, you’ll say anything

Why Gervais is a good fit for the Golden Globes, and might someday be a good fit for the Oscars
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Martha Stewart gets a fat lip, Stieg Larsson’s successor, and a Seattle superhero discovers he’s human

’Social Network’ rules, but Colin and Natalie are prom king and queen

Fincher and Sorkin friend Zuckerberg; Giamatti thanks "the great nation of Canada"
Colin Firth

’The King’s Speech’ tops Golden Globes

Non-fiction dramas of a royal, a geek and a boxer lead the field, but what’s up with ’Burlesque’ and ’The Tourist’?
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Spinning global guilt from the Golden Globes

As Ricky Gervais tears a strip off Hollywood, the stars strive for sincerity at a bash overshadowed by Haiti.
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Liveblog: Golden Globe Dust

Kate Winslet and Slumdog Millionaire are the night’s big winners