Rob Nicholson

Rob Nicholson

Fixing the world, from a hotel in Halifax

Paul Wells reports from the Halifax Security Forum, where top defence and foreign-policy experts debated solutions to global conflicts
Lt.-Gen. Andrew Leslie

L’affair Leslie

The Defence Minister versus the retired general
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The feds really want a procurement win

But the government won’t get much credit until a big purchase goes right
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The sketch: Meta-answers about metadata

CSEC might not be doing anything to worry about, but more oversight might be in order anyway
Rob Nicholson

Tories had to act on military suicides

Rob Nicholson asked the military to expedite investigations
Rob Nicholson

Need to know: Money alone cannot address military mental health

Defence Minister Rob Nicholson lauds the government’s funding for troubled soldiers

Au revoir (eventually), Maurice Vellacott

A prominent social conservative won’t seek re-election
APTOPIX Britain Royal Baby

How the royal baby gave us a constitutional crisis

Why the royal succession law matters
Peter MacKay Kian MacKay Nazanin Afshin-Jam

A theme of ’generational change’ in Stephen Harper’s new cabinet

Aaron Wherry on the Prime Minister’s new line-up