Arps (left) and Harris fell for each other online, but COVID-19 kept them from meeting in real life—until they learned about the Peace Arch Park (Photograph by David Tesinsky)

Falling in love on the Canada-U.S. border

Lynt Harris was in Surrey, B.C., and Julie Arps was in Ferndale, Wash. They met online while the border was closed, having to find an international loophole just to hold hands and hug.

He stole their hearts. Then their money. Meet the women trying to catch him.

His hard-knocks childhood and high-paying job were fake. But multiple Canadian women say what a prolific romance scammer took from them is very, very real—and they want vengeance.
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How Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir hooked us with their ’romance’

We’ve fallen for the oldest trope in the sitcom-writing playbook as we watched this pair’s historic performances. Was that by accident, or design?
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Prince Harry breaks up with ’too needy’ Cressida Bonas

For a while it looked like a fairy tale, now come the recriminations
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’Diana’ the film: How bad could it be?

Our royal watcher on a truly horrid film about the Windsor clan
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This isn’t your high school dating scene

University means big changes to romantic relationships
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REVIEW: The Flight of Gemma Hardy

Book by Margot Livesey
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Mitchel Raphael on the Belinda connection to MacKay’s hot date

MacKay’s new romance, Coffee, compost and the PMO, James Moore’s father-son trips
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’Something very special’

Their long courtship provoked ridicule. But William and Kate were friends first. They test drove marriage. And he gave her plenty of time to back out.
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A romantic comedy—plus sex. Lots of it.

‘Love and Other Drugs’ mixes Viagra, rare chemistry and screwball satire