Roy Moore

Black voters saved Alabama—despite efforts to keep them down

Opinion: Doug Jones may have defeated Roy Moore in their Senate race, but Alabama’s electoral history is still marked by efforts to frustrate the Black vote

Alabama should be a wake up call for the Democrats—they have work to do

Scott Gilmore on how if the party wants to win again, it needs to bring a much better ground game and a bigger knife

Forget Roy Moore: The Democrats’ glass is actually half full

Moore has stained the GOP brand, and if the Dems can almost win in Alabama, they can win almost anywhere

The post-Weinstein ‘reckoning’ has missed powerful targets

Anne Kingston: Led by a Trumpian example, accepting responsibility for bad or even illegal behaviour has become passé

Donald Trump is here to stay

A scream once derailed a presidential campaign. Now, Trump is cruising past his senior aide’s guilty plea. No help is coming, writes Andray Domise

Roy Moore preaches to his choir

On the campaign trail in Alabama, Steve Bannon’s anti-establishment Republican forces believed in God—and Moore, their God-fearing candidate

Roy Moore’s challenger, Doug Jones, attempts the impossible

Jones hopes to be the first Democrat elected to the Senate in a quarter-century. His hopes may rest on African-American voter turnout.

Roy Moore’s Alabama faithful pledge their allegiance near the pulpit

Allen Abel reports from a tiny church in the Alabama county that voted more decisively for Trump than any other county in the nation

Tabatha Southey: C’mon James O’Keefe, did you never see All The President’s Men?

Project Veritas’s incompetent sting targeting the Washington Post shows how little O’Keefe and his ilk know about how real journalists do their jobs

Donald Trump pardons a turkey, and accused child molester Roy Moore

Allen Abel: Even for Trump this blatant endorsement of Moore, and his rebuttal of the many women who have accused the former jurist of stalking and groping them, was a thunderbolt

Roy Moore and the hypocrisy of America’s evangelicals

Opinion: Evangelicals have positioned themselves as America’s moral compass for decades. But many are long due for a hard look in the mirror.

Is this the craziest week in a crazy year of Donald Trump?

His campaign has been tied to Wikileaks. He’s cozied up to a human rights abuser. His attorney general is being grilled. And it’s only Tuesday.