Crane training at this Alberta college leads to an uplifting career

The largest collection of simulators in North America makes it easier to safely train students

Birds, bees, and drones: The new face of Canadian agriculture

A new generation is turning the traditional Canadian farm on end—moving into city spaces, creating new funding models and tackling food insecurity in the North
SAIT Park Explorer

SAIT students design electric wheelchair–mountain bike

Students working on real-world projects help people with limited mobility scale mountains.
Dry-Aged Steak

Four hot careers that require college

These workers knew what they wanted and college got them there quickly
marijuana flag

Israeli Apartheid group booted, marijuana in class & Quidditch

What students are talking about today (April 15th)
teenage kicks video

This week’s can’t miss shows

Where to catch USS, Propagandhi, Teenage Kicks, Arkells...
shots of whisky

What students are talking about today (November 21st edition)

SAIT’s two-drink limit, bedbugs & Transgender Day
Rural Alberta Advantage

Can’t miss campus shows (Oct. 24th to 30th)

Dan Mangan, Rural Alberta Advantage, Poor Young Things...
smartphones concert

Smartphones are ruining live music

Why can’t we just enjoy the show?
gehry building OCAD snip

What students are talking about today (October 1 edition)

London shooting, Regina theft and Toronto mega-project