same-sex marriage


Andrew Scheer’s resistance to the inevitable

Andrew Potter: In our liberal society, gay rights will not be denied or ever turned back. It’s something any leader of Canada has to get their head around.

Why I should have voted for same-sex marriage

Rodger Cuzner: In 2004, I voted against same-sex marriage. After 19 years in parliament, that vote is the one I’d take back.

What Andrew Scheer believes about same-sex marriage

Michael Coren: For the Conservative leader, a devout Roman Catholic, opposition to same-sex marriage is more about religion than politics
Republican Senator Ted Cruz Kicks Off Presidential Campaign

For Republicans, protecting religious freedom is the new fight

When opposition to same-sex marriage is part of your political tradition, what’s a party to do? Change the topic to freedom, of course
Emma Teitel

This column is guaranteed 100% gay

Emma Teitel on why America’s Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage is still important in Canada—and to her, personally

Infographic: The rapidly changing face of same-sex marriage in the U.S.

A decade ago, same-sex marriage was legal in one state. Soon it will be 30.

Gay rights ground zero

Same-sex marriage advocates are focusing on more than 40 legal challenges to state bans
Same-sex marriage

Parliament passes same-sex divorce bill

... and Charlie Gillis admits he underestimated Parliament
Same-sex marriage

Canada’s ’gay marriage tourists’ stuck in wedlock

The future of Bill C-32 is in limbo, and that’s bad news for non-residents trapped in matrimony
Stephen Harper

What Stephen Harper won’t tell you about same-sex marriage

It’s time for the PM to speak out, writes Adam Goldenberg