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Canada’s Best Universities by Scholarships and Bursaries: Rankings 2023

This measure looks at the universities’ commitment to funding scholarships and bursaries

How to find the perfect university scholarship

You don’t need the highest grades in your class or serious financial need in order to be eligible for awards. Says one expert: ’You can’t win if you don’t try.’
McGregor, co-director of the Amplify Podcast Network (Courtesy of Hannah McGregor)

Extending scholarship to oral traditions through podcasting

How a group of creative Canadian academics is changing the face—or is that sound?—of scholarship

How Indigenous scholarship winners are busting myths and stereotypes

The compelling stories of three Indspire award recipients

The cost of a Canadian university education in six charts

Tuition is only part of the cost of going to university. There’s also the cost of books, food, travel and the occasional beer. Here’s how students finance their education.
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Which Canadian universities spend the most on scholarships?

The schools devoting the largest portion of their operating budget to scholarships and bursaries
(Illustration by Leeandra Cianci)

How to get a university scholarship: six tips for success

It pays to start looking early and widely for financial support
Scholarships for all: U of T students participate at a Compete Tespa event.

Weird university scholarships where grades don’t (always) matter

Many scholarships don’t require top marks for a student to be eligible: all you need is a bit of research, some creativity and a big roll of duct tape

Beyond grades: How three remarkable students earned scholarships

The Ted Rogers Scholarship Fund supports young people with leadership skills who improve their communities. Here, inspiring stories from the class of ’17.

How to go to university without paying a cent

To win a full-ride scholarship, you really have to shine. Here are four applicants who caught the judges’ eyes.