Three classic dystopian flicks were set in 2019. Did they hit the mark?

Blade Runner, Akira, and The Running Man all offer dystopian views of 2019. That says something about the present we’re currently living—but not in the way you think

How Annihilation author Jeff VanderMeer became king of the ‘New Weird’

The literary blend of horror, fantasy and sci-fi is in the mainstream spotlight, with VanderMeer’s Annihilation now a Hollywood production

The problem with ’The Shape of Water’ and other ’woke’ films

Guillermo Del Toro’s movie embodies what’s wrong with a certain school of self-satisfied, performatively socially conscious filmmaking
Back To The Future Trilogy – 1985

What did Back to the Future get right or wrong? Doesn’t matter.

Don’t look ’Back to the Future’ in anger. Focusing on what the movie did and didn’t get wrong about 2015 is a disservice to science-fiction.
Terry Pratchett

Terry Pratchett will never actually die

Terry Pratchett, who wrote more than 70 books, may be best remembered for his Discworld series

After the apocalypse

Edan Lepucki’s California, though it got a boost from Stephen Colbert, doesn’t leave enough to the imagination

Canadian researchers turn fiction into science

Canadian researchers help isolate and store antimatter
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FanExpo: freaks, nerds and corporate takeover

Are bigger comic cons better? Veterans Stan Lee and Lloyd Kaufman tackle the issue.
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The 16 nerdiest sights of FanExpo

From closed-casket coffin rides to cross-dressing superhero buffs, the 2010 FanExpo is a mosaic of weird
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Aliens like us? I don’t think so.

Whether alien culture resembles our own depends on one big question: do they have sex?