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Legislative Assembly Lisa M. Thompson

Ontario reverting to old sex ed curriculum in fall, education minister says

Schools will go back to teaching the same sex-ed curriculum they did in the late 1990s
(Project Consent/Youtube)

Project Consent gets straight to the point

A new campaign that went viral last week aims to strip away the metaphors from lessons on sexual consent
Teacher Explaining Female Reproductive System

The Interview: A history of sex ed

Historian Jonathan Zimmerman on why teachers hate sex ed and democracy is terrible for it, and how a history of the subject is like Seinfeld
Teacher Explaining Female Reproductive System

How to make sex unsexy: Teach it

Progressive sex ed may not just be a victory for public health, but for abstinence
Let them have sex. It’ll be educational.

Let them hook up. It’ll be educational.

Emma Teitel on the educational side of casual sex

Why are schools brainwashing our children?

Protesting oil pipelines, celebrating polygamy: is the new ’social justice’ agenda in class pushing politics at the expense of learning?
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Group wants condoms in P.E.I. schools

About 30 per cent of Island youth have had unprotected sex