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Governments have failed Canada’s sex workers—and they’re running out of patience

The Conservatives’ Bill C-36 made it harder for sex workers to do their job safely—and despite their promises, the Liberals haven’t fixed the problem, either

The hidden crisis that’s fuelling the ’incel rebellion’

What began as toxic culture in fringe spaces has metastasized into ideologies of violence, fuelled by the way men are socialized—and ideas like ’sex redistribution’ won’t help
Prostitution Study 20140604

Roundup: Canadians respond to the new prostitution law

Even though Bill C-36 came into force last week, the debate is only getting more heated
Prostitution Study 20140604

First national study sheds new light on sex work in Canada

Rachel Browne talks to researchers behind five-year study

A red light from the church

Some Anglican clergy want the federal government to ditch its new prostitution law because it’s ‘immoral’
Megan Leslie

The QP Clip: The NDP cautiously opposes a prostitution bill

The exchange you can’t miss from this afternoon’s Question Period
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QP Live: MacKay defends a proposed prostitution law

Your daily dose of political theatre
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Former sex worker found dead

Wendy Babcock was advocate for safer sex work