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Ian Campeau: Men need to speak out against sexual violence

Ian Campeau, a former member of the DJ group A Tribe Called Red, talks about the role men must play in ending gender-based violence.

After #MeToo, it’s time to talk about consent

Only one in three Canadians understand what consent means. If we’ve learned anything in the wake of Weinstein and #MeToo, it’s that that has to change, argues Angelyn Francis.
An empty prison corridor

Jailing sexual assault victims shows we must rethink sexual violence

Anne Kingston: The inhumane treatment of assault victims shows the insidious ways that social class and status intersect with sexual violence
Demonstrators shout slogans during a candlelight vigil to mark the first anniversary of Delhi gang rape, in New Delhi

India’s gender-balance advocates hit wall of indifference

How a banned documentary sidelined a public discussion about rape
A Canadian soldier from the NATO-led coalition force walks past tents at Kandahar Air Field, Afghanistan

Our military’s disgrace

From 2014: An investigation uncovers the sexual violence plaguing our soldiers—and a military hierarchy with its own justice system, and its own rules

The real danger for women on campus

Focusing on women and drinking ignores a serious reality: The student perpetrator who is a sexual offender

Egypt: No country for women

Nine out of 10 women in Cairo say they’ve been groped, and sexual violence is getting worse
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Carleton will open sexual assault centre

Follows years of student lobbying