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Maclean’s @ Sheridan: What do you want to see created and eradicated in the future?

In an era of creativity and innovation, the Sheridan College community shares what they want to see changed in their lifetime.

Maclean’s @ Sheridan: Michael Rubinoff’s 60-second solution

The show must go on. How Michael Rubinoff found a new production team in time for opening night, explained in 60 seconds.

Maclean’s @ Sheridan: Ed Sykes’s 60-second solution

Ed Sykes, the director of Sheridan’s Centre for Mobile Innovation, explains a crucial step to developing a new mobile app, in under 60-seconds.

Maclean’s @ Sheridan: Ganesh Neelanjanmath’s 60-second solution

How Ganesh Neelanjanmath marketed his app for international students, in 60 seconds or less.

Maclean’s @ Sheridan: Amber MacArthur’s 60-second solution

Entrepreneur Amber MacArthur explains how she expanded her personal brand into a full-fledged business, in 60 seconds.

Maclean’s @ Sheridan: Shauna-Kay Jones’s 60-second solution

Shauna-Kay Jones, co-founder of Motify, an app for students with autism, walks us through accomplishing goals as a new startup, in 60 seconds.

Maclean’s @ Sheridan: Matthew Zarrillo’s 60-second solution

Matthew Zarrillo started his information technology management company while he was still a student. He explains how students helped him expand his business after graduation, in 60 seconds.

Maclean’s @ Sheridan: Lia Tsotsos’s 60-second solution

Lia Tsotsos shares step-by-step how to develop a new elder recreation program from start to finish in 60 seconds.

How to write a Canadian musical

Sheridan College’s incubator for homegrown musicals has built something ‘rare and wonderful’
American League Championship Series: Toronto Blue Jays v. Kansas City Royals – Game Six

The big leagues of Sheridan’s athletic therapy program

Students get co-op placements with both amateur and pro teams, including the Blue Jays and Argonauts.