Silvio Berlusconi

Behind Berlusconi and all that bunga bunga

Book review: The Italy correspondent for the Independent writes a defining take on the slick and corruptible politician

The life of a bunga bunga king

Book review: Michael Day’s biography of media-mogul-turned-three-time-Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi

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Scott Brison and Maxime St-Pierre welcome daughters and (more) bad behaviour from Alec Baldwin

Silvio Berlusconi loses tax fraud conviction appeal, sentenced to 4 years in jail

Former Italian PM has one more chance in higher court

Ford India apologizes for ad showing Silvio Berlusconi and bound women in car trunk

Ford India is making apologies for three advertisements that never ran, one of which showed former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi in the front seat of a Ford Figo with three bound women in the trunk.

Former Italian PM Berlusconi sentenced to one year in jail, time he likely won’t serve

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has been sentenced to one year in jail for a wiretap trail connected to his family’s newspaper business.



Dennis Rodman takes North Korea, Berlusconi rises again, and a dictator’s daughter takes over in Seoul

Silvio Berlusconi uses nod to Mussolini to boost his own image

A softer brand of fascism makes a comeback in Italy

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‘Fat girls,’ ice dancers and a sweet simian with a sense of fashion

Newsmakers of the week

Oct. 5-11, 2012: The war on Big Bird, Silvio Berlusconi discovers a woman can lie, and a female perspective on the oilsands

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Occupy, a campus caffeine ban, campus radio and the NHL