Simon Cowell


From Saved By the Bell’s AC Slater to professional TV host

Mario Lopez to join Khloé Kardashian on ’The X Factor’
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Newsmakers: June 2-9, 2011

A tiny Wolfe at the bathroom door, a flirty old Castro in Cuba and the Times’ new editor needs her red pen
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Simon who? It’s all about Steven Tyler now.

No one expected an old weird-looking rock star to save American Idol
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Going, Going...

Newsmakers exits
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Will Jennifer Lopez be good for American Idol?

We need a new Simon. Bring on the condescending self-absorbed diva.
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Why American Idol needs Haeley Vaughn

Katie Stevens seems like an unrivalled front-runner, but she’s not particularly "relevant"
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The meaning of Ellen (on American Idol)

She combines the best elements of Woody Allen and Oprah
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Hope comes to America

It was, for a breathless moment, like staring into the country’s soul