Simon Fraser Student Society

More money for their beer

Unionized servers, artificially low prices and newbie bosses mean students often pay twice for suds

More money for beer

Campus pubs suffer from costly servers and low prices


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers came to rescue frosh week

Simon Fraser Student Society promotes big campus show


SFU men’s centre has new critic

Communist League weighs in

A place just for men?

Simon Fraser students debate gender-exclusive spaces


CFS and SFSS go to court

Since I’m extremely busy right now, I going to merely link to this article in the hope that I won’t have to deal with legal letters.


Simon Fraser student politics is always interesting

The Peak, Simon Fraser University’s student newspaper, printed its first summer issue last week. I have to admit I’m jealous of the paper, since SFU student politics always offer interesting stories.


CFS vs SFSS debate

The video from the CFS debate at Simon Fraser is online: