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Jocelyn Ho is the Rare Plant Fairy. (Photos courtesy Rare Plant Fairy)

I’m the Rare Plant Fairy. I sell exotic plants to customers worldwide.

Jocelyn Ho started selling rare plants during the pandemic. Now, business is budding. “We have our ‘rare plant drops’ every Friday, which our customers know to set their alarms for.”
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The long wait for rent relief, and what went wrong with Ottawa’s business rescue plan

The rent program, which has been weeks in the making, has faced much criticism, confusion, and exposed the perils of pandemic policy making
Motorcycle shop owner working at laptop behind counter

How Budget 2018 will affect small business owners

The latest budget tackles passive income tax rate changes
Michael Sirko, Andrew Scheer

Dispatches from the Ottawa biography wars

Paul Wells on Andrew Scheer’s new ’people-like-me’ (read: not Justin Trudeau) sales pitch and the things he chooses to include in life story

On business tax, Liberals need to catch up to the U.S.

Canada is competitive in some areas, but the feds would be wise to match some of Donald Trump’s cuts

Who is Michael Wolfson?

How a one-time draft dodger and longtime data guru landed at the centre of the small-business tax war, the bitterest policy scrap in Canadian politics in 2017
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It’s time to shatter the myth that Canada is a great place to do business

Opinion: Canada has slid in global rankings about the ease of doing business, yet there has been almost no reaction from political or business leaders to this dismal decline

Trudeau’s pandering small business tax cut will do nothing for the economy

Opinion: If the Liberals really wanted to help the economy, they’d design a policy with ambitious entrepreneurs in mind—not an army of small-business owners content to stay that way
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The Prime Minister’s tax reform damage control tour

In Stouffville, Ont., Trudeau took over from Bill Morneau, unveiling a tax cut and some new messaging around an unravelling tax plan
Hong Kong skyline

What tax grab politicians in Canada could learn from Hong Kong

At a time when Hong Kong is slashing taxes to spur growth, Canada is mostly moving in the opposite direction