There’s an app for that medical issue. Should you use it?

Health apps are hailed for revolutionizing medicine. Just one little problem: Some of them are wildly incorrect.
BC-US-TEC–Digital Life-Chromecast

Why is everyone flipping for Google Chromecast?

The device is cheap and easily connects the Internet to your TV screen
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What students are talking about today (Sept. 21 edition)

Most-liked video ever, Waterloo sex crime & Montreal pride
A dim view of movie texting

A dim view of movie texting

How to reduce distraction from texting during movies? There’s an app for that.

Your student loans just went mobile

Ontario develops mobile app for OSAP
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Revenge of the birds

Angry Birds, the world’s most popular smartphone video game, gets a festive update
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Smartphone subterfuge

Tech watchers are wondering whether Canada’s Research in Motion is on its way to becoming an industry “dinosaur.”
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Don’t give students more tools of mass distraction

Texting, tweeting and surfing have nothing to do with learning and no place in the classroom
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Don’t give students more tools of mass distraction

Hand-held device will soon become part of classrooms across the country
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Let us now celebrate the losers

We owe a debt to failures, to those creative ideas that flamed out or gloriously flopped