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This American claims to have taken the highest-resolution photo of a snowflake ever

Acclaimed Canadian snowflake photographer Don Komarechka decided to take him to task

What exactly did St. John’s do with all that snow?

Remember the record-breaking storm that left the city buried? Officials knew they’d run out of space to put the snow they were frantically clearing away. Here’s what they did with it.

An ode to the snow day

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year, writes Tabatha Southey—but it lacks the pure surprise and joy of a good old-fashioned snow day
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What will winter 2018 be like in Canada?

December should be cold in the east and warm in the west—but February could be a different story
Aurora & Snowy Trees

Enter the Great Canadian Photo Contest!

Canada is photogenic, and we want you to help prove it. Submit your photos to Maclean’s contest and find your latest assignments

Mel Lastman’s open letter to the people of Vancouver

In 1999, Mel Lastman famously called in the military after Toronto was hit by a snow storm. Vancouver should do the same, he says.
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These stats show how bad Vancouver’s winter has been

More snow has fallen in Vancouver than in some of Canada’s coldest cities, not that those in the rest of the country have much pity for Lotusland
United States

Washington couldn’t handle a sprinkle of snow. Now it could get 50 cm.

Washington, D.C. has already declared a homeland-security event
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How #stormchips became a Maritime phenomenon

A Q&A with Stephanie Domet, who accidentally started a uniquely Maritime tradition of celebrating storm-ration snacks
Deep Freeze

Editorial: Damn the polar vortex, full steam ahead!

Governments can’t wipe out winter woes, and shouldn’t have to