Newsmaker of the day: Elon Musk’s no-polish, all-persuasion pitch

Can Elon Musk’s new product, the Powerwall, fundamentally disrupt the fossil fuel industry?

Solar Impulse 2: Around the world in 150 days

Solar Impulse 2 will attempt a world record by flying on zero fuel

Canada’s rank among solar powers

Infographic: How this country stacks up to the world leaders in solar power production


Skyscrapers as energy plants

Within three years, skyscrapers might be powering our homes. A team from MIT has been figuring out how to make solar cells cheap and small. They’ve come up with a type of paint that concentrates the solar power and directs it to a solar cell. They predict that the new dye could be applied to existing buildings, like skyscrapers, so you could retrofit a building into a solar generator without even changing the glass. Once applied, you’d have to tack on a few solar collectors and voila…instant electricity.


Betting on Climate Change

Today was not a good day for the TSX  – down 500 points at the time of writing and its lowest close in four years. With the markets whipsawing daily, investors are looking for is a safe place for their money. The climate change sector could be that haven, according to a new report by Deutsche Asset Management.