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Parliament’s secret briefing from CSIS: beware of Russian spies

In prepared remarks, the head of CSIS in 2016 warned of activities by Russian and Chinese operatives and how politicians should counter them
Ralph Goodale

Indian spies did it, and other Ottawa conspiracy theories

Terry Glavin: With the PM’s endorsement, a hackneyed and reckless Indian spy-story genre is suddenly flourishing in and around Ottawa
Donald Trump is interrupted by a phone call during a meeting with specialists on the problem of opiate addiction, after a campaign event in Manchester, N.H.

Spy vs. Why: Donald Trump’s odd war on U.S. intelligence

On the brink of a new Cold War, Trump’s battle with U.S. intelligence services is ’unprecedented’ and dangerous, say former spies

The time I started a spy agency

For Scott Gilmore, the Timorese experiment ended very badly—a lesson for Canadians that oversight and bureaucracy matters
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The fine art of foreign espionage

British artist was hired to depict the ambiguous world of the Secret Intelligence Service
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Spooks with shady pasts

Germany’s foreign intelligence service is looking into its past—and turning up Nazis
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When a man is just not up to the job

A spy scripted for Tom Cruise is sex-changed into Angelina Jolie’s latest avatar
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A Chinese spy problem

The German federal prosecutor’s office has accused two senior diplomats from Shanghai of spying on members of the Falun Gong spiritual movement
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U.S. detains 12th Russian national in spy case

Unidentified 23-year-old Russian citizen to be deported
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U.S., Russia trade spies at Vienna airport

Russian agents plead guilty, are expelled from U.S.