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The Canadian YouTube star with a day job at the federal government

Cristine Rotenberg has nearly seven million subscribers who watch her comedic videos. But from Monday to Friday, she crunches data for StatsCan.
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The unemployment rate is meaningless and we should scrap it

Our editorial: The statistic used to be a good proxy for the state of the economy, but those days are gone. It’s time to revise what we measure.
Unofficial Counterculture Marijuana Holiday Celebrated

Who else will like marijuana legalization? Economists.

An entire segment of the economy now needs to be properly accounted for and studied. It’s a massive and historic opportunity.
Money to Burn: Five-Dollar Bills in Toaster

Loblaws’ price-fixing may have cost you at least $400

Any way you slice it, Canadian bread shouldn’t have cost this much
Burger King Tim Hortons

For Canada, 2018 brings an ’unbelievable’, ’ridiculously strong’ job market

As Canada’s unemployment rate reaches historic lows, will wage growth finally reawaken inflation?
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Why Indigenous languages should be taught alongside French and English

Métis author Chelsea Vowel argues for the official protection of Canada’s Indigenous languages, which are currently on the brink of extinction

Older Canadians are flocking to the web. Are they liking what they find?

New survey research shows Canadians think the internet interrupts their lives. But that’s not stopping them from going online.

Even as Canada’s economy booms, prices are barely rising

Econ-o-metric: Inflation is slowly rising, but probably not enough for the Bank of Canada to hike interest rates again. The bank’s message: be patient
Bank of Canada Governor Poloz speaks during a news conference in Ottawa

Canada’s economy enters a ’Goldilocks’ phase

Econ-o-metric: GDP growth slows to a sustainable rate. Not too hot, not too cold. It’s just right.
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Canada’s job market is firing on all cylinders

Econ-o-metric: Why are so many Canadians who’ve reached retirement age still working? And what does a hot labour market mean for interest rates?