Could helping boys be the key to closing the STEM gap?

Peter Shawn Taylor: The gender gap in science and technology graduates is a persistent problem. New research suggests we may be approaching it all wrong.

How to build a culture of science

Opinion: Molly Shoichet, Ontario’s chief scientist, on how to keep Canadian children’s curiosity about the world around them alive as they grow up

How to inspire young women to careers in STEM: Watch the live-stream

Watch an array of speakers and panelists discuss women in STEM, live at Waterloo’s Perimeter Institute, on Mar. 8 at 9 AM ET
James Damore, Harmeet Dhillon

James Damore doesn’t understand women in STEM—or even STEM itself

Tabatha Southey: James Damore is suing Google for discrimination over his memo. But his beliefs ignore truths about science—and his own industry

How engineers are engineering change on the gender gap

Opinion: Levelling the gender gap is important as a point of principle—as well as for the economy. And change is starting to happen in engineering.
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An open letter to young Canadians in the sciences

Science can seem intimidating. But uncertainty, says Lauren Hayward Sierens, can be powerful if you embrace it.

Canada’s science minister speaks out on women in STEM

Kirsty Duncan is considering quotas to ensure women land top research posts. Is the Trudeau government on board?
Catherine Makarytchev

Why Canada’s digital economy rests in the hands of our girls

For International Day of Women and Girls In Science, Jennifer Flanagan urges Canada to invest in the STEM talents of our young girls
Election reform

Canadian politicians need to stop saying ’math is hard’

Suggesting math is hard for women reflects ignorance more than sexism. Politicians keep falling into the trap.

Gender inequality in the sciences? It’s still very present in Canada.

In the last few decades, very little has changed for Canadian women in science, technology, engineering and math