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Quebec student protests add $9 million to policing costs

As Quebec’s student protesters got headlines this spring and summer, they also cost taxpayers a lot of money. Montreal city police working overtime to monitor their marches and shenanigans billed an extra $7.3 million, La Presse reports. Provincial police billed an extra $1.5 million for the extra workload.

Quebec politics amid strife: Charest, undead, lives on?!

As dark as things are for the Premier, he can take comfort in this: his opponents aren’t faring much better than him

Wrongs and rights: how did Quebec’s student standoff come to this?

There is no shortage of finger-pointing on either side

Quebec’s protest crackdown: It’s not just rights that make it wrong

The problem up until now has been a lack of enforcement, not a lack of legislation


Charest invokes ‘special law’ to suspend semesters in Quebec’s boycotted schools

Quebec premier Jean Charest announced a law on Wednesday night to suspend classes 11 universities and 14 CEGEPS across the province currently affected by student boycotts.

Quebec’s student protests: righteous anger, shame about the execution

Perversely, they add legitimacy to the government’s argument for a special law to end the strike


Where do you stand on Quebec student strikes?

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Quebec Education Minister Line Beauchamp steps down, says she’s no longer ‘part of the solution’

Quebec’s education minister is resigning, not just from cabinet, but from politics altogether, walking away from a tuition dispute that has sparked months of protest and chaos across the province.


Quebec: From Quiet Revolution to not-so-quiet student riot

Why a modest tuition hike has sparked unending protests

Quebec and students: it’s actually worse than you think

Perversely, there’s a normalcy to all this Gong Show-iness


Deal on Quebec student strike fizzling

A tentative deal to end the three-month long student strike in Quebec has so far received a strong rejection from students. On Monday, students in more than a dozen institutions had rejected the deal reached on Saturday, while student leaders accused the provincial government of claiming victory over the striking students. The leaders of the student groups also accused the Charest government of failing to include in the deal what had been discussed during last week’s talks.

A note to violent student protesters

You’re as brave as your average internet commenter