Soles say much about your personality, researchers say

It turns out you can judge a person by their shoes. Researchers at the University of Kansas have determined people reveal a great deal about their personality through the shoes they wear.


British study tracked thousands of kids born in the 90s, kept lots of gross stuff

In a study that comes off like a scientific Facebook experiment, researchers in Britain obsessively tracked thousands of children born in the 1990s, storing tissues—including 9,000 placentas, plus urine, finger nails and plasma—and keeping tabs on life milestones like drinking, hitting puberty and having sex.

The Rorschach test of CCSVI research

Experts and journalists are reading whatever they want into a new study examining CCSVI in MS patients


Study: violent games turn kids into jerks

But so long as the link between the onscreen violence and real life violence isn’t proven, the debate will keep going around in circles

diet, genes, genetic, epigenetic

Want to be a father? Watch your diet.

New study shows a father’s diet can have a genetic impact on his offspring


The verdict, Dr. Smith?

Maclean’s first rankings issue featured his controversial university study. Two decades later, he weighs in again.


The look of leadership

Law firms led by managing partners whose faces look “powerful” actually make more money


Do grants do any good?

Closing the higher education gap is more complicated than making sure everyone can afford it

Why we fight

Study finds one in five students reported recent violence

What your test scores don’t say about you

A new study finds negative stereotypes can mask people’s academic abilities


Self reports: only Sith deal in absolutes

Forget transcripts. Applications to professional schools should include a self-reported GPA