summer vacation


A 10-point guide to packing the car

There is no scenario under which the person who loads the car does not begin the vacation loathing everyone
France Selfie Stick

’How was your summer?’ Read this before you answer

Modern Hell: Tales from #Life, Part 1. Why your summer vacation was a failure
Everything I learned about my retirement...

Everything I learned about my retirement I learned on summer vacation

Scott Feschuk starts with Making a Big Deal About Things
A mooch must not ask for fluffier pillows

A mooch must not ask for fluffier pillows

Are you tolerable enough for that ritual of Canadian summer, the cottage invite? Take this Scott Feschuk quiz to find out.
Shakespeare park

Five things to do this summer (besides nothing)

Prof. Pettigrew offers some suggestions
EdgeWalk, CN tower, summer vacation

How to scare the bejesus out of yourself

CN tower opens new ’EdgeWalk’ attraction this August
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It’s not too early for summer plans

French immersion may be the solution to avoiding another boring summer vacation
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Mitchel Raphael on why kids love spending time at Paul Martinland

Don’t tell the PMO they helped him, Margaret Atwood and Elizabeth May and The Queen, the Emperor and Obama