U.S. President Donald Trump meets Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki

There is no precedent—a president sides with America’s enemies 

Scott Gilmore: After Helsinki, America is in unchartered waters, facing the possibility that its president is no longer defending America
Britain’s Queen Elizabeth leaves St Paul’s Cathedral after a thanksgiving service to mark her Diamond Jubilee in London

Is the Queen quitting overseas visits, including Canada?

Prince Charles will take her place at the Commonwealth leaders conference, but don’t expect his mother to halt travel altogether
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G20 officer charged in alleged protester assault

Special Investigations Unit identifies officers through video, stills and witnesses

The Commons: These fleeting words

Vic Toews’s neat trick of both welcoming and redirecting accountability for the G20
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Charges dropped in U of T G20 raid

Crown withdraws charges over lack of police warrant
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Toronto Police Chief admits mistake during G20

"Kettling" for four hours was inappropriate: Chief Bill Blair