Super Bowl

Super Bowl LII Watch Party In Boston

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You are all complaining about the wrong stuff

Scott Gilmore: Despite living in an age of fulfillment, humans are bitter complainers. It’s time to focus that irritation on something important.
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Super Bowl Football

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Newsmaker of the day: Malcolm Butler

With less than a minute to play in Super Bowl XLIX, the little-known New England Patriots player etched himself into football history books.
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Super Bowl: Did Katy Perry just jump the shark?

In a 12-minute set in front of 110 million people, the pop star was the perfect entertainer. Now what?
NE Patriots Vs. Indianapolis Colts At Gillette Stadium

Scandals, blunders, criticism: Why does the NFL keep shaking it off?

When the NFL is accused of misogyny and crippling its own players, it’s time for the most popular sport in the U.S. to change

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