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A dairy cow waits in line to be milked at a farm in Eastern Ontario on April 19, 2017 (CP/Sean Kilpatrick)

Why Canada should keep supply management off the table in future trade talks

John Williamson: With all we’ve learned during the pandemic about supply chains, why would anyone willingly out-source Canada’s supply of our most basic food items?

The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement represents a failure of ambition

Opinion: Free trade agreements have long been fuelled by grand visions of a better tomorrow. But by keeping managed trade—which isn’t truly free—the USMCA fails

The truth about dairy farming in Canada

With producers predicting more than $1 billion in losses and demanding compensation, we took a hard look at the state of the industry—here and across the border
Farm equipment Alberta Canada

Canada’s farmers aren’t a monolith—and for many of us, the USMCA is a good thing

Opinion: Dairy farmers are fuming over Canada’s concessions in the ‘new NAFTA.’ But the reality is that most Canadian farmers need strong, global trade
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The USMCA explained: Winners and losers, what’s in and what’s out

From online shopping to biologic drugs, we’ve sifted through the details with our eyes peeled for devils
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’A huge disappointment:’ A dairy farmer reacts to the USMCA

Every time the government gives away part of the market, says B.C.’s Dave Taylor, ’it destabilizes what supply management is all about’
Donald Trump

Don’t kill supply management for Trump, kill it for us

Scott Gilmore: The defence of supply management is shamelessly insulting and costly. So why will no political party do the right thing?
Andrew Scheer

The dairy lobby’s iron grip on Canadian political leaders is frightening to behold

Jen Gerson: The tempest at last week’s Tory convention confirmed what no politician seems willing to admit: they’re scared to take on Big Milk
Dairy Cows

How dairy became seen as a public resource worth protecting in Canada

As Donald Trump assails Canada’s supply-managed dairy industry, history shows how perceptions around Canadian milk changed—turning it into something worth defending
Operations At Lake Breeze Dairy Farm As Farmers Say Trump’s Deportations Could Dry Up Milk Supply

Donald Trump doesn’t really want to kill supply management. Neither do American farmers.

U.S. farmers have too much to lose if free trade in milk and cheese becomes a reality, say experts