Syrian refugee

Sham Al Mukdad (Sham Al Mukdad)

The strange experience of starting university during a pandemic

It isn’t easy, but being able to study during the crisis is a blessing, says Sham Al Mukdad, a Syrian-Canadian who lived most of her life in Syria and experienced a different, harsher kind of lockdown

Sham Al Mukdad stands in front of balloons spelling out CTA 2020, wearing a graduation cap and gown

‘Life isn’t a given, it’s a gift’: Read this Syrian-Canadian teen’s valedictorian address

Sham Al Mukdad: “The uncertainty, the fear of illness, of death, has made us appreciate how it can all be taken away, so swiftly, and without reason. I already know this, as a refugee.”

These Syrian refugees became Canadians. Just in time to vote.

A small but growing number of the Syrian refugees who have resettled in Canada will be able to vote in this election. It’s a big moment when back home, an election was basically a “theatre act.”

Seeing a Syrian refugee’s journey, through a child’s eyes

Norwegian filmmaker Egil Håskjold Larsen on ’69 Minutes Of 86 Days’, a refugee documentary focussed on humanity, not horror

Sponsors of Syrian refugees are left in limbo

Canadian sponsors who were inspired to act by the Liberals are now waiting for families, with uncertain timelines

The Rajab family is home, at last

When Maclean’s first met the Rajabs, the Syrian family was in a one-room shack in Lebanon. Now life begins again.

Should the Trudeau Liberals rethink their plan for Syrian refugees?

A basic security check should confirm the vast majority of those would-be Canadians are genuine refugees in desperate need of resettlement

The QP Clip: Syrian refugees and scoring partisan points

The exchange that you can’t miss from this afternoon’s Question Period