Tar Sands

Bill McKibben, founder of 350.org led a panel discussion on

Bill McKibben on how we might avert climate change suicide

The author argues the pipeline to B.C. is folly and Canada risks being ’a great source of destruction’

Encyclopedia of the oil crash: T is for tar sands

...and two-track economy. View this and more in our encyclopedia of the oil crash
U of A engineering students

Future engineers unhappy with student unions

Lobby groups tend to oppose major engineering employers
Power corp.

Enbridge has a best friend in Ottawa

Canada’s largest transporter of crude oil allies with the capital, whether it wants it or not
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Mulcair picks his battle

The NDP and the Tories are more than happy to spar over the Alberta oil sands boom
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Don’t call them ’tar sands’

The industry-approved lingo for Alberta’s hydrocarbon gunk is ’oil sands’
No greasing these wheels

No greasing these wheels

Why even Obama can’t hurry approval for the long-delayed oil pipeline from Alberta to the U.S. Gulf Coast