tax credits

Mike Moffatt

The dangerous, misguided flaw in the small business tax credit

The Harper government’s new boutique tax credit makes it better for some companies to fire workers or cut their pay than to hire new ones

The Commons: In praise of the simple question

A dull day in the House is not entirely wasted
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On free trade, Harper needs to show some true grit

This government has been very aggressive about announcing free trade deals–not so much about closing them

Gamers need hugs

Why the gaming industry’s persecution complex is hurting it

In praise of video game subsidies

Peter Nowak on why Canada has shown rare foresight by supporting the industry
Video games

Grand theft tax break

Why do governments subsidize so much of the video game industry’s operations?
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Tory proposes $20,000 for students who stay in province

Interprovincial competition for graduates heats up
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New federal tax credit for graduates?

Finance committee sticks to economic role of universities--research "must be commercialized"
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N.S. Tories promise post-secondary tax credit

Tax plan would save families a whopping $88 every year