Jason Kenney

The winners and losers if Alberta returns to a flat tax system

Lindsay Tedds: As the province debates the merits of a less progressive tax system, voters will have to make tradeoffs that help and punish different income earners
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How to fix Canada’s ’Ghost Immigrant’ fraud problem

Opinion: Canadian policy makes it easy for unscrupulous wealthy foreigners to dodge their taxes. The solution is surprisingly simple.

On business tax, Liberals need to catch up to the U.S.

Canada is competitive in some areas, but the feds would be wise to match some of Donald Trump’s cuts
Bill Morneau

Bring back the $10,000 TFSA

Opinion: Politicians have come to see taxpayers as sheep to be shorn, writes Mark Milke. Canadians can reverse that by demanding a return of the $10,000 annual limit for TFSAs
Canada Finance Minister Bill Morneau Interview

Bill Morneau faces a backlash about tax breaks, not hurt feelings

Let’s not dwell unduly on sensitivities supposedly bruised in the small-business tax battle. It’s about money.

The Trudeau government’s policies reward dependence, not hard work

Opinion: While the government is right to tout the importance of hard work as key to a better life, its actions do not match this lofty rhetoric
Bill Morneau

The Liberals are sending dangerous signals to businesses and entrepreneurs

Opinion: Despite lauding the importance of improving the economy, the governing Liberals are enacting policies that discourage growth
Visiting a doctor

Most Canadians are okay with doctors’ pay

But an Insights West survey finds most Canadians also don’t like doctors setting up as small businesses to pay lower taxes
Bill Morneau

Bill Morneau needs to start taking tax fairness seriously

Opinion: He can start by being transparent about how much high-income Canadians actually pay in taxes and receive in government transfers
NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Ottawa Senators at Pittsburgh Penguins

Canadians oppose using taxpayers funds for NHL franchises

Fans in Calgary and Ottawa want new arenas. But taxpayers and politicians aren’t keen to help pay for them