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Why are my kids so dull?

Scott Gilmore: It’s not just mine, either. Teen drinking is down, high school dropout rates have fallen. Why have they become so tediously responsible?
Teenage girls texting

Has social media become a full-time job for teen girls?

’Missing out for me, specifically, that’s just like the worst thing’
March Family

‘Little Women’ 2.0: The classics take over YouTube

Like many literary heroes, the March sisters have found a 21st-century audience online
A series of fortunate breakups

The Why We Broke Up Project

Daniel Handler is collecting romantic sob stories online to promote his latest book
teen smoking

Big drop in drug use among teens

Cigarette smoking plummets
The sleepover dilemma

The sleepover dilemma

Sociologist Amy Schalet on why it’s time to start having a new conversation with our kids
Bullying 2.0 is more like a drama class

Bullying 2.0 is more like a drama class

“Bullying” may be the accepted term for kid-on-kid brutality, but it’s seldom used among kids themselves

RIM’s secret weapon :-)

The BlackBerry maker has found devoted followers in text-messaging teenagers
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Why you should let your teenager sleep in

A forward shift in sleep patterns may be a natural accompaniment to sexual maturation