The Agenda

Bob Rae on “talking down the business”

The departing Liberal MP reflects on the state of our politics

Making Parliament matter

The Agenda convenes a panel to discuss the state of the House

‘We feel that we’ve given them that office’

Kevin Page talks to Steve Paikin


Moving past the Indian Act

The Agenda convenes a panel to discuss #IdleNoMore and the Indian Act.


The #IdleNoMore debate

The Agenda convenes a panel.


Can we end poverty in Canada?

The Agenda considers poverty and Senator Hugh Segal’s proposal of a guaranteed annual income.


Redrawing the map

The Agenda looks at riding redistribution in Ontario.


The political experience

The Agenda reconvenes its panel of MPs (Peter Braid, now-independent MP Bruce Hyer and now-former MP Bonnie Crombie) and MPPs to discuss life in politics. The case of David Wilks is discussed.


The big red mess

The Agenda convenes a panel to ponder the Liberal party’s future.


Spending, cutting, voting and chicken analogies

The Agenda convenes a panel—including Brian Topp—to discuss austerity and democracy.


‘I couldn’t be more proud of my boy’

Kate Heartfield salutes the work of Conservative MP Mike Lake and his son Jaden.


Transforming immigration

Steve Paikin talks to Jason Kenney about reforming the immigration system.