the end

The End: Burton Jay Tacan, 1978-2017

He proved everyone who doubted him wrong, overcoming a brutal attack in his 20s. His positivity earned him the nickname ‘Mr. Awesome’.

What writing 500 obituaries taught us about living

Maclean’s is closing the door on The End, our beloved back-page obit. Before it goes, we asked writer Michael Friscolanti to read through 12 years worth and reflect on the lessons within.

The death of the department store (1796-2017)

They were once temples of commerce and hubs of cultural activity. But rising competition, then the internet, rendered them irrelevant.

The sorrowful line between childhood hijinks and tragedy

Author Kenneth Whyte looks back at a life lived and a life lost

Francis Deschênes, 1982-2017

He was an RCMP member known for his work ethic and heroism. Stern in appearance, he was a ‘teddy bear’ at heart

The End: Betiana Namambwe Mubili, 1988-2017

She was a risk-taker always up for something new. After a tour in Afghanistan as a medic, she was set to start nursing school.

Joseph Michael Howlett, 1958-2017

A commercial fisherman, he also co-founded a whale rescue team. He loved the ocean and felt he had to give back to it.

The End: Ahmoo Angeconeb, 1955–2017

After residential school, he vowed to go back to his traditional ways. As an artist, his work became known across Europe.

The End: Clayton Kenneth Cassidy, 1958-2017

He always looked out for his brothers and sisters. As a fire chief he watched over a much larger family—the town he loved.

The End: Eric Boutin, 1973-2017

He learned Cree playing bingo over the radio and spent countless hours by the waters of Lake Waswanipi. When he started a family, they were ‘always outside.’

An obituary for American Greatness, 1776-2017

From an early age, it was a trendsetter with a magnetic personality. It lived a life filled with adventure, fame and wealth, both at home and abroad.

The end: Riley Fullton Shannon, 1996-2017

He had a beautiful voice and would belt out songs at the top of his lungs. Empathetic and caring, he aimed to be a paramedic.