The Justin Trudeau archive

Justin Trudeau takes the 60-second challenge

The Prime Minister took our rapid-fire questions just before the Maclean’s Town Hall

Watch the Maclean’s Town Hall with Justin Trudeau

Maclean’s hosted a town hall where the Prime Minister answered questions from reporters and Canadians. Watch a replay here.

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Paul Wells on the Canadian prime minister who won over the nation, and then the world—for better or for worse

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Breaking out of bounds

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Teaching kids to snowboard, Trudeau found a place to emerge from his father’s shadow

Who is Trudeau’s inner circle?

The Liberal’s star attraction has the name and the buzz. But who is closest to him?

Justin Trudeau for PM. No, seriously.

If this guy’s name was Joe Smith, he’d be a no-brainer for the Liberals

Justin Trudeau in the ring

John Geddes on boxing night in Ottawa: Brazeau came out swinging for a knockout. Trudeau was patient.