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What it feels like to be Peter Mansbridge

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be the voice of Canadian news? Go behind the scenes with Peter Mansbridge, CBC icon and host of The National, as he prepares to go on air.
Peter Mansbridge

What exactly did Parks Canada secretly pay the CBC $65,000 for?

Jesse Brown on the broadcaster’s deal with the government agency

What students are talking about today (October 30th edition)

Drake graduates, Sandy kills, & good news for graduates
And that’s the kind of life it’s been

And that’s the kind of life it’s been

Lloyd Robertson, 77, is signing off. We think.
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‘I’m hurt by the Prime Minister’

Helena Guergis tells The National: She considered the Prime Minister to be a friend. She thinks maybe the Prime Minister doesn’t like her husband.
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Please talk to us

For Peter Mansbridge, it was tough working for the network that wasn’t allowed to cover anything
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Mansbridge says, ’Get over it’

CBC News’s swirly, shiny and frenetic new identity: how’s that working out?