The Reckoning

The Mohawk Institute Residential School, referred to by former students as ‘the Mush Hole’ (Photograph by Alex Jacobs-Blum)

This entire country is haunted

Alicia Elliott: As we’re seeing more and more every day, this entire country is a real-life Indian burial ground—one that criminals parading as teachers, religious leaders and politicians took great care to cover up

Activists protest Egerton Ryerson on Ryerson University campus on June 6th, 2021. Ryerson was the chief superintendent of education for Upper Canada and is considered instrumental in the design and implementation of the Indian Residential School System. (Nadya Kwandibens/Red Works Photography)

A diploma with the wrong name

Waubgeshig Rice: We knew that succeeding at Ryerson University, named after a man who would have never wanted us there in the first place, would be the ultimate educational triumph

Memorial to residential school victims outside Parliament Hill in Ottawa. (Shelby Lisk)

Screaming into silence

Cindy Blackstock: I believe those little spirits buried on the grounds of residential schools came to ensure the work gets done to end the injustices facing survivors

The memorial outside St Paul’s cathedral in Saskatoon. (Tenille Campbell/ Sweet Moon Photography)

What I told my child about the Kamloops graves—to honour the 215

An Indigenous mother describes the exhaustion of hearing about residential school trauma, and her determination to share those stories with the next generation