The Wire

David Simon (left) and George Pelecanos (right), on the set of the pilot of HBO's 'The Deuce'.

David Simon, creator of ’The Wire,’ on porn, politics and policing

David Simon and George Pelecanos on the legacy of ’The Wire,’ the state of the U.S., and their new HBO series ’The Deuce’
Leipzig Book Fair 2016

American crime writer Don Winslow on guns, politics, drugs, and the police

The author takes inspiration from The Sopranos, The Wire and—in his new book, The Force—hip-hop

This week: Newsmakers

The Dalai Lama retires, Charles Taylor just can’t get a fair shake, and a billionaire divorcee goes broke
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Baltimore university teaches The Wire

Class uses HBO series to study issues in modern urban centres
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It’s Vancouver’s answer to ‘The Wire’

A new documentary series turns the lens on the cops policing the Downtown Eastside
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Someone give Glenn Close a hug

Today the popular shows, like ’Parent­hood,’ are sweet and mushy, not mean like ’Damages’
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Finally, an insider’s New Orleans

Award-winning writer Joseph Boyden gets caught up in the magic of the new HBO series ‘Treme’