Tommy Douglas

The Democrats want to Make America Canada Already

Scott Gilmore: “Consciously or not, the Democrats, and the majority of American voters, support policies that can best be described as… Canadian.”

All the obstacles standing between Jagmeet Singh and a revived NDP

Whatever surprises the fall election holds, it’s Jagmeet Singh’s party now—for better or worse

The history of why Canada’s health care system falls short

Opinion: Ontario’s election could bring another step toward truly comprehensive health care. But failed efforts from the past reveal possible pressure points

What Canada needs now is another Tommy Douglas

Tom Parkin: If the NDP wins the Ontario election its plan to extend social programs could kick off a much needed new era in co-operative federalism

The Commons: The NDP convenes with its past and its future

A weekend in Montreal with Mulcair and his brothers and sisters


Will the arduous fight over the Tommy Douglas intelligence file end up at the Supreme Court?

OTTAWA – The federal government says there is “no issue of public importance” involved in a seven-year battle to lift the shroud of secrecy over the intelligence dossier compiled on socialist trailblazer Tommy Douglas.


Trudeau quoting Goethe

Pat Martin thought he heard echoes of Tommy Douglas in Justin Trudeau’s speech last night.


Keeper of the flame

As the NDP prepares to select its seventh leader, here is a 1986 documentary on Tommy Douglas from the National Film Board.

Talking shop

Aaron Wherry sits down with Bob Rae to discuss the state of Parliament and politics


The idealist

The Literary Review of Canada excerpts Jack Layton’s foreword to a new book about Charles Taylor, George Grant and CB Macpherson.

Our country’s story has not been written only by election winners

Our country’s story has not been written only by election winners

Jack Layton’s state funeral was a ceremony of love, respect and civility