Tony Blair

Edinburgh International Book Festival 2012 – Portraits

Will Self on the literary novel’s demise, and why Naomi Klein won’t fix the world

The one-time enfant terrible of British literature talks about information overload and how emotion rules the political sphere
Diana, Princess of Wales

Princess Diana’s legacy is more urgent than ever

Exclusive excerpt: Two decades after Diana’s tragic death in Paris, Tina Brown’s new book remembers Di’s compassion, glamour and rebellious spirit
Tony Blair

For the record: Tony Blair on the U.K.’s war in Iraq

The former British PM expresses "sorrow, regret and apology" for a war in Iraq that "turned out more hostile, protracted and bloody than we ever imagined."
Justin Trudeau

The soft power of Justin Trudeau, Canada’s viral PM

As Justin Trudeau takes his branding tour to the United States, the question emerges: how long will the sheen from this ’new Canada’ last?
Democratic Candidates Attend New Hampshire Democratic Party Convention

Canada doesn’t have its own Bernie Sanders. That’s a problem.

Historian Ian McKay explains why in Canada, a good socialist is hard to find
Paul Wells

Canada and Iraq: Plus ça change

Paul Wells explains why Jean Chrétien would be proud of Stephen Harper’s Iraq policy

Social failure, embodied in an acronym

Meet the NEETs, young people not in education, employment, or training