Yes, sleep deprivation is torture

International and Canadian law leaves no doubt: what Omar Khadr experienced in Guantanamo was torture

Fifty-two months of torture and the four men responsible

Scott Gilmore on the case of Adam Capay, and how the province of Ontario allowed his horrific torture to happen

Congress and CIA battle over torture investigation

America is trying to come to terms with its secret use of torture. If only the CIA wasn’t getting in the way.

Tribunal finds Iran guilty of torture and murder of political prisoners

But the quasi-judicial process has no legal standing


Handle with care

Ronald Crelinsten says Omar Khadr must be handled with care. Postmedia talks to War Child’s Samantha Nutt. Sheema Khan says Omar Khadr will be a test of our ability to rehabilitate child soldiers.


‘This young man in an unfortunate situation’

Tuesday will mark ten years since this question was asked, seemingly the first time Omar Khadr was reference in the House of Commons.


‘Very, very happy to be home’

Omar Khadr’s lawyer talks to the Canadian Press.


He’s back

Omar Khadr arrived in Canada this morning at 7:40am and has been transferred to Millhaven maximum security prison in Bath, Ontario.


Talking to Omar Khadr

Michael Friscolanti’s exclusive story about Omar Khadr’s conversation with forensic psychiatrist Michael Welner is now online. Chris Selley reads it and considers.


A long November

Vic Toews suggests Omar Khadr won’t be home for Christmas.


Still waiting

The Harper government tries to explain why it hasn’t made a decision about Omar Khadr yet.


He’s coming back. Probably. At some point.

The Huffington Post reports that “while Public Safety Minister Vic Toews is not expected to formally communicate the decision for several weeks … the Conservative Government will approve Khadr’s transfer from the U.S. naval base in Guantanamo Bay and plans are afoot to house the 25-year-old Canadian in a federal institution with a segregated space for his own safety.”