Town and Gown


Ottawa slaps moratorium on monster houses

Neighbours worry about 16 students next door

Enough with the NIMBY neighbours in Guelph

Opinion: high-density housing near campus makes sense
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U de M’s future neighbours upset over second campus

Residents of bordering area say they were left out of public consultations
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Town beats gown

Supreme court rules against Oshawa students
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The spread of anti-student bylaws

Will Hamilton be smart enough to avoid Oshawa’s misguided, anti-student moves?
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Michigan State suspends six students after riot

Police were pelted with bottles, rocks
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The Oshawa housing battle continues

At least one person isn’t happy that a ’student apartment’ building will be located near UOIT
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Oshawa students encouraged to file human rights complaints against city

Ontario’s chief human rights commissioner warns City of Oshawa about new housing bylaw