Toyota Canada 20180504

Corporate welfare and the gullible governments that pay it

Opinion: Ottawa and Ontario just gave Toyota $220 million for something it likely would have done anyway. Governments need to wise up.

Lust turns to rust: Why Canada’s love for cars won’t end well

Wishful thinking can’t triumph over reality forever. And so Canada’s car boom can’t last, either.
Jeffrey Luke

Sizzle returns to the auto show

With the U.S. economy on the mend, automakers get back to what they do best at car shows: delight and entertain
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The economy in February: signs of the time

Yale University is now a debt collector. Amazon enters the second-hand market.
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Volkswagen on the straight and narrow

The German auto manufacturer simplifies its style
South Africa miners Lonmin judicial commission of inquiry

South Africa and the Marikana effect

After a strike left 34 dead, one mining firm increased wages by 22 per cent. Could the deal be contagious?
Das auto giant

Das auto giant

Volkswagen is on track to become the world’s biggest automaker by volume
South Korean cool

How Kia and Hyundai became cool

Once the butt of jokes, the South Korean companies are suddenly the fastest-growing automakers
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The greenest car of all?

Nissan believes its purely electric Leaf car, not hybrids, is the way of the future