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America cuts off its supply chain to spite its face

Tabatha Southey: The reality TV president’s latest creation, Trade Wars: Endgame, is a chaotic, self-indulgent exercise in nostalgia
Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau

Here’s what the trade war has cost the U.S. and Canada so far

Jason Kirby: The two countries have collected $1.1 billion in duties—kicking themselves in the shin and passing on the pain to consumers
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Why did Donald Trump bring up the Chevrolet Impala?

The car he brought up amid high-stakes NAFTA negotiations has a long assembly history in Canada
Space Command anniversary

Why Donald Trump will fail to divide Canada and the U.S.

Editorial: Our two countries are attached at the hip. Just look at NORAD, an integral part of U.S. defences where a Canadian is second-in-command
Donald Trump Hosts Canadian PM Justin Trudeau At The White House

In the U.S.-Canada trade war, we are not blameless

Opinion: The Trudeau government has failed to adjust to Washington’s evolving political landscape—and Canada’s provocations have not helped matters
Rosie MacLennan Justin Trudeau

Canadian nationalism isn’t the answer in this trade war with the U.S.

Opinion: A truly confident country, writes David Moscrop, would use Donald Trump’s anti-Canadian rhetoric to also engage in a little introspection
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Could Ottawa slap the Trump Organization with trade sanctions?

Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland has left the option wide open: ’We welcome ideas from all Canadians on what should and should not be in our retaliation list’
Senate Foreign Relations Committee Meets With Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland

Can Chrystia Freeland talk some sense into the Americans?

Allen Abel reports from the U.S. Capitol, as Canada’s foreign minister (and ’Diplomat of the Year’) makes a desperate plea for U.S. restraint
Heads Of State Attend G7 Meeting In Quebec – Day One

Why pharmaceuticals could be the prescription for trade warfare that truly hurts America

Opinion: If Canada wants to decisively threaten maximum pain and stop the escalating trade war with the U.S., it should propose expropriating pharmaceutical patents
Trump at G-7 summit

How far will Trump go against Canada? Just watch him.

Evan Solomon: The Quebec summit was a disaster and the irrational Trump now sees a trade war with Canada as not only a political win but a personal one.