Trans Mountain Pipeline


The Trans Mountain pipeline and the end of the ‘veto’ fallacy

Today’s appeal court ruling rejects the notion of First Nations having a veto over oil projects. But it’s not the end of the legal saga.
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Why Jason Kenney’s workaholic style may not work when he’s premier

Jason Markusoff’s Alberta Politics Insider for April 18: Dying on every hill, Kenney’s one-man Department of Micromanagement, and more
Jason Kenney

Jason Kenney’s Alberta: Open war for business

Alberta voters embraced the UCP’s constant battle posture, but they may soon find it exhausting—and counterproductive
Justin Trudeau, John Horgan, Rachel Notley

Rachel Notley and the political company she can’t keep

Jason Markusoff’s Alberta Politics Insider for April 9: The NDP’s lonely feeling, Jason Kenney’s pyrrhic emissions policy, and more
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It’s time to leverage Canada’s energy advantage into a geopolitical one, too

Opinion: Pipeline projects and energy developments will allow Canada to flex more influence on the world stage—and weaken the grip of bad international actors

How the Trans Mountain pipeline became a political dumpster fire

Internecine party squabbles, centuries’ worth of broken promises to First Nations and the country’s nastiest rhetorical swill: that’s a lot for one pipeline to carry
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Respect for First Nations rights could’ve spared us this panic over Trans Mountain

Pam Palmater: The only people who should be shocked are First Nations. How many times must they fight the same battles for well-established rights?
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The Liberals own the Trans Mountain court loss as surely as they own the pipeline

They got a schooling in the meaning of consultation. But can their opponents credibly claim they’d do any better?
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The Trans Mountain expansion isn’t dead. But delays will be costly.

Trevor Tombe: A court ruling quashing the expansion is a setback for the Trans Mountain pipeline, Alberta’s energy industry, and the provincial government. But it’s not the end of the road.
Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau faces new versions of very old Canadian problems

Overwhelming reliance on the U.S. market, fractious provinces, natural resource challenges—the greatest hits of Canadian policy just won’t go away