Poilievre under fire for misleading email

Polievre’s supposedly inflated numbers; Tech companies not thrilled about Bill-96; the most—and least—popular premiers in Canada, and more

I’ve sold every handgun in stock since Canada’s proposed gun freeze was announced

“Targeting and attacking businesses like ours, and our customers, is not going to do anything to lessen crime in our streets,” says gun store owner Ryan Simper

The retirement age in Canada is too low—and that’s a growing problem

Peter Shawn Taylor: The Liberals reversed a plan to push the eligibility age for retirement benefits to 67. It goes against global trends and economic reality.
NATO Holds Warsaw Summit

What Justin Trudeau had to say at the NATO summit

At an unscripted question-and-answer session, the PM opened up on his view of Canada in the world, from defence spending to populist nationalism
Phoenix feature

The Phoenix pay system disaster, explained

It’s an IT mess that spans two prime ministers from different parties and has cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars and counting.
trudeau downie

Tearful Trudeau makes emotional statement about Gord Downie’s death

Watch Justin Trudeau’s heartfelt statement about the death of Tragically Hip frontman Gord Downie. The prime minister says he has drawn “inspiration and strength” from Downie’s devotion to making Canada a better place.
Chinese President Xi Jinping gestures to Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau ahead of their meeting at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing

Why Canadians need to start worrying about China

Terry Glavin on the Liberals’ increasingly dangerous, starry-eyed enthusiasm for China, and how badly Ottawa keeps misreading its rise
President Donald Trump

Watch Trudeau try not to react while listening to Trump in the White House

Watch Justin Trudeau try to keep a straight face during Donald Trump’s theatrical statements on the potential dissolve of NAFTA, nuclear arsenals, and fake news.
G-20 summit in Hamburg

The Hamburg G20: What could possibly go wrong?

With Trump, Putin and Merkel at the table, consensus isn’t likely. This will be chess, played over a shark tank.
UN Troops Assist Malian Government In Fighting Rebels

The carnage in Mali while Trudeau delays

On Canada’s possible peacekeeping role, the Liberals have offered an awesome extended display of dithering