Trump Era FAQ

What is the 25th Amendment, and could it be used against Trump?

There’s a second way to remove the president, but it requires a Cabinet Room mutiny

Who is Rod Rosenstein?

The deputy attorney general has vaulted into the public conversation. But where does he come from? And what does he stand for?

What happens if Donald Trump resigns?

Here’s who the U.S. President would have to inform (with a simple letter)—and who would be next in the line to take his place

How does impeachment work, and could it happen to Donald Trump?

Impeachment is only the first step in a chain of events that leads to removal from office, but that’s unlikely to be set off any time soon

What will Donald Trump do for the ‘lock her up’ crowd?

Demands to jail Hillary Clinton rang loudly and unchallenged through Trump’s campaign rallies. Now that he’s president-elect, will he carry it out?

What happens to the lawsuits involving a president?

The more legal tangles Trump gets into or can’t escape, the less the rookie politician can focus on serving the people who elected him

If Trump approves Keystone XL, does Canada need other pipelines?

Canada has some big decisions to make, and Donald Trump’s administration will play a significant role

Does Trump have to live in the White House?

Will the president-elect move into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue—even with the marked lack of gold-trimmed everything?

Who’s (really) going to pay for the wall?

A ‘great wall’ on the Mexican border was a signature pledge and Trump will have to do something to make good on it

Have Americans ever elected a political rookie as president?

All five political rookies who came before Trump had something he does not: experience working with the highest levels of government

Electoral reform debate: U.S. edition

Donald Trump lost the popular vote badly, but won the election. Do voters really accept that system?