Truth and Reconciliation Commission


How Canadian universities are responding to the TRC’s Calls to Action

Universities wrestle with how to begin their transformation—and what they’re willing to change
Linc Kesler

University of British Columbia apologizes for role in residential schools

’Universities bear part of the responsibility for this history,’ says UBC President Santa Ono. Read the transcript.
Beyak Committees 20170921

We’re stuck with Lynn Beyak. So let’s put her to good use.

Stephen Maher: Since Canada must keep paying the senator’s bills, we might as well use her as teaching tool to learn about history and a racist system

The other residential school runaways

Two boys escaping a residential school followed tragically in the footsteps of Chanie Wenjack. Their story was forgotten. Until now.
during the Walk for Reconciliation

Truth and reconciliation, one step at a time

Twenty-five pounds. Nine volumes. Laura Payton reports on a commission’s vital recounting of the attempted destruction of Indigenous Canadians’ culture
Sinclair, Littlechild, Wilson

Justice Murray Sinclair’s remarks on the Truth and Reconciliation report

’We owe it to each other to build a Canada based on our shared future’

Election Issues 2015: A Maclean’s primer on truth and reconciliation

Maclean’s is your destination for the 2015 election. Start with our in-depth primers on the big issues, including truth and reconciliation
Drummers lead the Walk for Reconciliation in Ottawa

First came truth. Now comes the hard part.

Award-winning author Joseph Boyden writes about truth, reconciliation, and a callous, uncaring government response

MMIW: ’It could have been me’

Thirteen extraordinary Indigenous women tell how close they came to being on the list of the missing and murdered.
Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 12.22.27 PM

For each missing and murdered indigenous woman, a bell tolls

Watch the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist’s moving tribute to each of Canada’s 1,122 missing and murdered aboriginal women