Twitter and Facebook have gifted America a Trojan Horse

Andrew MacDougall: Social media has painted us into an awful corner where truth never catches up to the lie and emotion only ever ratchets up
Captain Kirk Sullivan reviews tweets in his office in the Canadian Embassy in Washington, DC. (Photograph by Farrah Skeiky)

The ’genius’ behind the @CAFinUS Twitter account

Canada’s military charm offensive south of the border is spearheaded by one Newfoundlander, a full battery and a love of poetry
1976: (L-R) Dennis Bowen as Archie, Jim Boelsen as Moose, Mark Winkworth as Reggie, Derrel Maury as Jughead, appearing in the ABC tv series 'ABC Saturday Comedy Special' episode 'Archie'. (Walt Disney Television/Getty)

Why did Ed the Sock compare Jagmeet Singh to Jughead, the misunderstood Archie character?

Nick Taylor-Vaisey: ’Jughead’ was a racist insult thrown at Singh as a kid. Whatever the Sock’s intention, his premise is flawed. Jughead Jones is brilliant.

Why would anyone hate Catherine McKenna?

As the face of the climate change file, McKenna has endured a torrent of vile abuse. Behind it is a powder keg of anxiety, resentment, and a lot of anger.
Press Briefing By President Trump

Donald Trump’s year of ’presidential harassment’

Donald Trump, President of the United States of America, forever the victim

I quit Twitter two years ago and never looked back

Calum Marsh: The widespread cheapening of Twitter discourse by attention-seeking politicians and journalists is form of ‘shock advertising,’ and one big waste of everyone’s time
Mobile Technology Applications

Donald Trump’s tweet-fidavit on the Mueller Report

Tabatha Southey: In the interest of fairness to the man at the centre of the story, an annotated look at President Trump’s own words on the Mueller matter
The Duchess Of Sussex Joins A International Women’s Day Panel Discussion

Meghan Markle’s Twitter bot network: ’The whole thing is a bit insane’

A European consulting firm has discovered a ’highly-connected’ Twitter hive that is attacking journalists who cover the royals
Woman standing in a supermarket checking eggs

Some painfully obvious things I learned too late in life

Shannon Proudfoot: I asked people to describe their most thunderous epiphany. After 1,400 twitter replies, it’s safe to say we all discovered a lot.

The math behind Donald Trump’s tweets

Opinion: What mathematical methods tell us about the web of interactions formed by the U.S. president’s most frequently used keywords on Twitter